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Energy For All


Chentouf Mohammed

The agricultural sector dominates the lion share of the Moroccan economy by employing more than 40% of Moroccan workforce. The result of this activity is a high amount of produced waste which represent a big challenge for the government to deal with. The idea of "Energy For All" is to use this waste as a feedstock for producing Biogas. The project will be conducted mainly in rural areas in order to help people who are living in difficult financial situations and who are not having an easy access to energy facilities to produce their own energy. This will decrease the Moroccan dependency for conventional energy and led to achieve the government's targets for a sustainable development. The project can also solve the problem of wastes handling making them a valuable supply for clean energy. By using my knowledge in environmental engineering I have managed to build a mini-sclae plant of biogas with my classmates.The total cost of this plant is around 40 euros which is almost an affordable cost for everyone. This plant can ensure the needed energy for different domestic applications by using agricultural waste periodically to feed the plant. Furthermore, the project can be enlarged for urban areas (households, restaurants, slaughterhouses...etc).
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