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Islam Azeddine Mennouchi

Imagine this Your friend invited you to dinner at a new restaurant downtown but to get there you need to Walk to the bus stop take the number 8 to the train station and take the train into the city, easy enough Right ?! No Imagine making that Trip without being able to see it is a challenge that 314 million visually impaired people face everyday even with expert mobility skills and the use of a cane or a guiding dog navigation and environment detection and recognition can be stressful for people with Blindness it takes hours of practice to confidently learn a path or a certain pattern or environment and even a familiar surrounding can contain difficult or unexpected obstacles like silence cars or cyclists new constructions or delayed buses in our example in the united state and the united kingdom about 65% of people with blindness are out of work and this number is in a countries with a great infrastructures for people with disabilities imagine in less developed countries . Mobility,object detection and independence remains some of the biggest challenges for people with visual impairment. And here Comes Dalil (Dalil : Guide in Arabic) is a System (Glasses Camera connected to a Mobile Application) that helps blind to navigate in an unknown environment through object and obstacle detection The solution consists of three modules: - Object detection module - Orientation and navigation support module - Text To Speech Module
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